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From Wolf to Woof

For our ancestors at that time, the wolf’s remarkable hearing and superior nose became a considerable companion and a welcome alliance in an aide for the survival of both. The wolves hunting ability made it easier for man to follow and enjoy the spoils of the kill. This co-operative partnership made sense. Opportunist canids that [...]

Dog Listeners in Yellowstone

So, I found myself standing with 18 other Dog Listeners and Jan Fennell from around the world in Yellowstone Park in Northern Montana, USA on a very cold February in 2008. Anyone who has viewed the series ‘Yellowstone’ on television(BBC) can relate to the conditions there at this time of the year. For wolves however, [...]

Case after case

There are many more cases I see every day, covering a whole range of behaviours from separation anxiety to door licking, licking the hair from their bodies, tail chasers and many more……….. (These cases are true and correct but the names of the dogs have been changed to protect my client's confidentiality) This is not [...]

Jan Fennell videos

What we do as Dog Listeners: You'll find lots of different videos here at YouTube by Jan Fennell.

Case History: Shona, Jake & Coco

Life with Shona, the ex-working foxhound had started so well, but after just two weeks we were at the doctor’s surgery having Mick’s badly bitten hand bandaged up. We had no idea what to do next, and the obvious option was too awful to contemplate. We’d collected Shona from Wood Green to fill a massive [...]

Case History: Jack

A two year old Jack Russell bought as a puppy. This amazing little Jack Russell was being very aggressive to his owners, he was nervous of passing cars when he was on a lead, barked frantically when anyone came into the door and jumped up at them and was possessive of his owners. The children's [...]

Case History: Lucy

Is an 11 year old rescue Border Collie who had been left on her own for hours even days sometimes. Her new owners rescued her when she was nine. She barked when her new owners lighted candles, or switched on lights she was very nervous and barked when people walked past the house, she was [...]

Case History: Black Jack

A three year old, rescue Patterdale Terrier cross and had attacked and injured a sheep. For a Patterdale cross this was quiet a feat! The sheep had been badly bitten around his face. He was also possessive of his food, hounded the owners other cats, raced out of the door first and his owners could [...]

Case History: Monty

This stunning Border Collie was bought as a puppy from a farm and is now 5 years old, pulled excessively on his lead when his owners took him out. He could let himself out of the back door and was marking the door with his claws and barked to excess in the garden at people [...]

Case History: Dizzy

An eight year old Chihuahua who was very aggressive towards his owners. He barked frantically at visitors, snapped at visiting grandchildren was very wary of babies. His excessive barking had caused his owners to think along the lines of having to put this dog to sleep as they had reached the end of their tether [...]