There are many more cases I see every day, covering a whole range of behaviours from separation anxiety to door licking, licking the hair from their bodies, tail chasers and many more………..

(These cases are true and correct but the names of the dogs have been changed to protect my client’s confidentiality)

This is not just happening to me and the owners I have seen, Dog Listeners the world over are working with dogs and their owners time after time, and some dogs many years of alternative methods being unsuccessful.

We all keep in touch on a daily basis so that if we have a particular situation we have not come across before someone, somewhere in the world has and can pass on vital information so we can give you the best advise we can.

It is important that you receive backup for as long as you need it, as you and your dog’s lives change. You may decide to take on another dog, or move house, have children or new neighbours arrive with a dog or dogs or cats. These all have an effect on our dogs, which is why we offer back up, either by telephone, email or by arranging a further visit.

Does this sound too good to be true? Try it!

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Feeling better is a good start to a new life!