blackjackA three year old, rescue Patterdale Terrier cross and had attacked and injured a sheep. For a Patterdale cross this was quiet a feat! The sheep had been badly bitten around his face. He was also possessive of his food, hounded the owners other cats, raced out of the door first and his owners could not walk Black Jack on a lead or even get one on him without a frantic chase around their hallway. He was very aggressive towards other dogs and would follow his owners around. In kennels, he was also aggressive, snapping at the food bowl to the point that kennel staff had given his owners a warning that they could not take him if this behaviour continued.

In just one week we walked Black Jack down the road and back again, he had stopped chasing cats, running around the house like a bullet at odd times, was eating all his food instead of leaving it, stopped following his owners around and sat quietly by the door for his lead to be put on. His owners walked through the door first and he had stopped barking at people passing by. They now feel confident enough to have bought a new puppy into their pack after a year.