montyThis stunning Border Collie was bought as a puppy from a farm and is now 5 years old, pulled excessively on his lead when his owners took him out. He could let himself out of the back door and was marking the door with his claws and barked to excess in the garden at people passing by. In fact he was very nervous out on walks, travelling in the car, was possessive of his lady owner, and jumped all over visitors. His owner had to put a child gate between him and visitors that so he could not jump up at them, he is also nervous of fireworks and loud bangs, barked at the post people and was possessive of his bed. After my initial visit Monty took about 1 hour to calm down and start to relax.

Three weeks later, he was much calmer when I first came into the house taking just five minutes to settle down. We took Monty in the car, which is when I discovered his dislike of journeys and his nervousness outside. Three months on and Monty’s owners say he is 100% better on the lead, when people arrive, have removed their stair gate, oh! and he doesn’t jump up at the backdoor anymore to get out. (He had learnt to open the handle) The problem I was called in to solve.