These take place in your own home and the dog’s natural environment and last approximately 3 hours but I will stay until you feel comfortable and confident with the method (so give yourselves plenty of time.)
Together we will draw you an Action Plan that gives simple, clear guidelines to follow every day.
It’s easier if all members of your family who live with your dogs are there, this enables everyone to ask questions and follow that same routine.
Children under 10 years are not required to sit in for the whole consultation I’m happy for parents to teach their own children: However if you prefer we can accommodate children at the end.

Learning something new

Back up is vital. It’s good to always know there’s someone there should you need them.

I give back up for life

I love chatting to my clients, mapping their progress and addressing any issues that may crop up. Many have become friends over the months and years, often they just call to catch up and let me know their progress – it’s wonderful!


A one-off fee of £225 is payable at the end of your consultation.
Mileage charges are at 45p per mile (in line with tax guidelines.)
Lifetime e-mail, skype and telephone backup is inclusive with 1st consultation fee.
If you would like a back up re-visit the cost is £25 per hour plus mileage at 45p per mile (in line with tax guidelines) however, this is not a requirement – simply by your own request.
You will also receive a copy of Jan Fennell’s “The Dog Listener” book or DVD.
For puppy consultations you will receive a copy of “The Puppy Listener”.
These are required reading and watching – books and DVD’s are helpful to refer to when needed.


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